Religion shouldn’t be a compulsory class at school

Is interesting to see how every family raises their kinds according the religion they follow. If you happen to be born in a catholic family, you automatically become a catholic, and the same applies for every other religion. For instance, very early in life when you are a catholic, you are baptized, at this age you are not even able to speak and yet you are being part of a ritual without your consent to participate in it.

Later in life, you prepare for your first communion, by this time you are old enough to speak up your mind, but since you only know Catholicism, then you assume it is the right thing to do and that god is the only explanation for everything.

The majority of people that believe in god have never explore other thought or theories. The fact that their religion is basically embedded on them since they are born, leaves no room for doubt or curiosity about other possible beliefs. In addition, once you belong to a particular religion is like supporting a soccer team, you are meant to follow it no matter if they lose or win and you are meant to hate the other teams and their supporters. The same applies for religion.

To sum up, the worst about imposing religion especially to kids is the fact that they have to take religious subjects in some catholic or Christian-based schools. You not only get to participate in your own baptize without asking you if you really want to go, but you also have to assist to class and learn about a subject that is not meant to be learned but rather felt, according to religious people. In the end, as a matter of fact, I teach in a catholic school, not for the beliefs or religion, but because their wages are very high indeed, and as an English teacher I have seen a high number of my students missing my class by handing doctors notes, which I am sure are fake, since it happens the most when they have religion class just before mine. In my eyes, that is a clear sign that they are faking not only a doctor’s note but also their desire to learn about religion as imposed Catholics.

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